Newspaper Download: The newspaper is a part of our daily lives. Through televisions, social media, newspapers, and websites, we are getting news from all over the world. Day by day our life will be digital. We’re now sharing Newspaper links to download in PDF format. The aim is to help all the readers, basically candidates who are preparing for competitive examinations.

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Newspaper Download

Newspaper is one of the world’s oldest forms of mass communication, and a printed media. Newspaper publications like daily , weekly, fortnightly are frequency-based. Also, there are many newspaper bulletins which are published weekly or quarterly. There are several editions in one day, often. A newspaper features news articles from around the world on various topics such as politics, sports , entertainment, business, education , culture, etc. The paper also includes columns of opinion and editorials, weather predictions, political cartoons, crosswords, daily horoscopes, public announcements and more.

Newspaper Download
Newspaper Download

ePaper PDF Download

Newspapers are a great source of information at home. All must see to it that they imbibe the habit of reading newspapers in their lives. Online sources of information are readily available in today’s digital world but the authenticity and credibility of such information is not known. It is the newspaper that makes sure we get accurate and verified information. Newspapers are permanent as because with their validated information they have earned the faith of the people. Socially, the newspaper plays an important role in educating and preserving society’s morale and harmony to a greater extent.

History of Newspapers

The circulation of the newspapers began in the 17th century. Different countries have different deadlines to have Newspapers published. The 1st modern newspaper in England was printed in 1665. Printed in 1690, the first American newspaper entitled “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick” Similarly, for Britain everything starts from 1702 and in Canada the first newspaper named Halifax Gazette began its publication in 1752.

Newspapers became very common in the late 19th century, and were available cheaply due to the abolition of the stamp duty on them. But, in the early 20th century, computer technology was beginning to replace the old printing method of labor.

Newspaper Download

Many sections of ‘Newspaper’ such as national news, international news, science and technology, etc., are at the brain of information. Newspaper offer a lot of added value not only to those who are preparing for various competitive exams, but also to anyone who is interested in getting a real perspective on what’s going on around him or her.

The Benefits of Reading Newspapers

Newspaper reading is a healthy practice that can offer a great sense of educational value. It carries information on politics , culture, entertainment , sports, business , industry, commerce , and trade. With this habit, it will not only improve your general information knowledge but it will also improve your language and vocabulary skills as well. Many people have daily newspaper reading patterns that seem incomplete to their days without taking hold of newspapers in the early morning. Here are some of the benefits you will get from reading the daily papers:

  1. Newspapers carry world news.
  2. Newspapers provide the general knowledge and facts.
  3. Newspapers provide news about the economic situation of a country, sports , games, entertainment, commerce , and trade.
  4. Newspaper reading makes a good habit and is already part of modern life. That habit will broaden your perspective and enrich your knowledge.
  5. Newspaper reading makes you well informed. It allows you to participate in every discussion concerning the current events in the world.
  6. Reading newspapers will generally improve your knowledge and you will find it easy to relate to others who often talk about current events and politics.
  7. Through newspapers you’ll get a clear idea and understanding of what’s going on in your country and the world.